President Ronald Reagan believed in “peace through strength.” Joe Biden clearly believes in “war through weakness.” 

Putin has been sizing up Joe Biden and the Democrats since they took office in January of last year. He saw Biden’s disastrous exit from Afghanistan. He probably laughed when Biden threatened sanctions. Putin clearly calculated that Biden will do nothing to stop the takeover of Ukraine. Thus far, he has been right. Biden is letting Putin rebuild the Russian Empire at the cost of America’s allies. 

The problem for California, and the rest of the country, is that the impact of war doesn’t just stay in Europe. Since Biden made America dependent on the rest of the world for energy, gas prices will skyrocket. Are you ready for gas to cost $7, $8, $9, or more per gallon? 

Higher gas prices are just the start, too. Think about how the food we eat every day arrives at stores – usually by truck. Those trucks use gas. As truckers pay more, they will charge more for the products they deliver. This means milk, eggs, bread, beef, and other daily essentials will skyrocket. So, we won’t just be paying more for gas – we’ll be paying more for everything. 

If this is just the start of the problem, what is the solution? After all, my parents taught me not to complain about a problem unless I had a way to solve it. First, we need a Senator from California who will demand that America be energy independent. Second, we need a Senator who understands – and has experienced – the problems average Californians face, like rising costs for everything. Lastly, we need a Senator who will hold Biden to account for projecting weakness across the globe. We need a Senator who will put the safety and security of every Californian and every American first. 

Biden has projected weakness. With weakness comes conflict. Mark my words: the rest of the world is watching. Today, Ukraine. Tomorrow, Taiwan. 

If we continue down this path, our allies will no longer trust us. America’s strength will mean little in a world where Putin has already achieved his territorial goals. 

With you in the fight, 

Mark Meuser

Republican for U.S. Senate, California