My fellow patriots,

It has been an interesting year for politics in California. We the People made Gavin Newsom spend over a hundred million dollars to keep his job. All of those who participated in the Recall of Gavin Newsom have nothing to be ashamed of, we did our part to give Californians the ability to hold Newsom accountable for his tyranny.

As you know, Kamala Harris vacated her Senate seat in order to be Vice-President. I have thrown my hat into the ring to fill this seat. I will be running against Gavin Newsom’s appointed incumbent, another tyrant that thinks unelected bureaucrats should have unlimited power over our lives. 

I want to thank all of those who have made a contribution to our campaign to take my fight for your constitutional rights from the courthouse to the capitol. We have already had more contributors to this campaign for U.S. Senate than I had in the entire 2018 campaign for California Secretary of State. I really am honored by your support.

As you know, today is the last day of the year which means it is the last day to make a contribution to this campaign before the books close on the end of year campaign disclosures. 

This is one of the most important campaign disclosures of the entire election cycle. The reason for this is that the media has not really been paying attention to the 2022 elections. However, one of the first things the media will do in January is look at the financial disclosures and see which campaigns are raising money and which ones are not. 

The media is only going to want to cover those campaigns that are making a serious effort to raise money.

Can I ask you to do this campaign a huge favor? Can I ask you to make a contribution today? A generous contribution today will demonstrate to the legacy media that this campaign is focused on making California competitive again.

Please make your contribution today.

Mark P. Meuser

Republican candidate for U.S. Senate for the great state of California

P.S. I know that because of Biden Inflation and the holidays, not everyone can make a large contribution, nonetheless no contribution is too small. This campaign is being funded by We The People and it will be the people and not special interest who I will be representing when I become the next United States Senator for the great state of California.


For United States Senate

(209) 7-MEUSER (763-8737)

FEC ID# C00785733

United States of America