As you know, on November 4, 2021, President Biden released his unconstitutional mandate
requiring employers with over 100 employees to become the vaccine police. In response to this
unconstitutional mandate, a plethora of lawsuits were filed asking the courts to step in and
declare the mandate unconstitutional. It appears that my law firm was the first to file a petition
with the courts to review the constitutionality of this mandate.

The Fifth Circuit issued an order telling the White House that the OSHA mandate would not go
into force until the court had a chance to fully review all the evidence. Because of the plethora
of lawsuits filed, the law states that a lottery would be held and one of the courts would be
selected to hear all of these cases. The Sixth Circuit was chosen. Since the Daily Wire case was
the first case filed in the Sixth Circuit, the court is telling the media that our case has become
the lead case.

Currently there are three main motions pending before the Sixth Circuit that will be decided in
the next week or two.

En Banc Panel: The First motion was brought by our clients and several other petitions asking
the Sixth Circuit to move this case from the traditional three judge panel to the entire Sixth
Court panel. Because of the nature of this particular vaccine mandate and the number of
lawsuits filed, many petitioners believe that the entire Sixth Circuit should review the evidence
of this case.

Transfer to the Fifth Circuit: The Second motion was brought by several of the petitioners who
filed in the Fifth Circuit. They are asking the Sixth Circuit to transfer the case to the Fifth Circuit
because the Fifth Circuit has already issued a Stay in this case.

Expedited Briefing: On Wednesday, just minutes before the Court closed for the Thanksgiving
holiday, the Biden administration filed a motion with the Sixth Circuit asking the Court to
schedule a full briefing of the matter in the next couple of days. The Biden administration
knows that by law, the court is not even supposed to schedule briefing of this case until January
or February but the White House is asking the court to hearing the matter now. The Biden
administration is telling employers to ignore the stay and become vaccine police and now they
are telling the court to hurry up the evidentiary hearings so as to reduce the time that We The
People have to properly present evidence to the court why the government has failed to
provide sufficient evidence that there is an emergency that requires employers to become
vaccine police.

As an attorney, I love being on the front lines fighting for your constitutional rights. Over the
last 20 months, I have stood up in the court over two dozen times fighting the governments

However, I need to be honest, I am sick and tired of watching politicians like Biden, Harris, and
Newsom disregard our fundamental constitutional rights. It is sad that I have to spend so much
time in court fighting to preserve these fundamental rights.

It is for that reason that I decided to run for U.S. Senate in California to fill the seat that was
vacated by Kamala Harris when she became Vice President. It is time to stop playing defense in
the courts and start playing offense by removing power from these bureaucrats who are
destroying your right to make the best-informed decision for you and your family.
I am taking my fight for your constitutional rights from the Courthouse to the Capitol.
Mark Meuser