The American vision of government was “government of the people, by the people, for the people.”
Unfortunately, it has become a government of special interests, by special interests, for special interests.
The elite provide lip service to the people every two to four years, but then turn around and serve lobbyists.
It is time for that to end. It is time for someone in DC to stand up and represent “We the People.”


Prioritizing your Pocketbook
Educating our Children
Overhauling our infrastructure
Protecting our Communities
Limiting Government Overreach
Ensuring our Supply Chain
Sustaining our Resources

People are hurting – gas and grocery prices are skyrocketing. Biden and the Democrats used the pandemic to profit special interests by spending trillions of dollars with less than 10 percent of the funds going to help those who are hurting.

Meanwhile, the inflation caused by the massive government spending is a hidden tax on all Americans, causing them to spend more on the things they need. In the last year, prices have increased and some experts believe inflation will continue to rise. Americans are paying more for gas and groceries, with no end in sight if the Biden economic policies continue.


The federal government must cut spending and start living within its means. Mark will support efforts to cut federal spending, especially waste, fraud, and abuse, and will encourage adoption of a balanced budget. And if the federal government refuses to live within its means, he will be a strong advocate for a Balanced Budget Constitutional Amendment.

America is rich in energy resources. We must use them and increase domestic oil and gas production. This includes preventing a President from unnecessarily delaying exploration or playing political games with pipelines and permits. Mark will support proposals to authorize the Keystone Pipeline and for Congress to reclaim its authority to oversee oil and gas leases on federal land.


Our education system is not preparing children for the future. Elected officials are more focused on renaming schools than on ensuring children can read, write, or do math. And these officials are receiving support from unelected bureaucrats in Washington, D.C.. These bureaucrats should not have more say in your children’s education than you or their teachers.


Schools must focus on teaching core topics, like STEM, not indoctrinating our children. Mark will push to link federal education funds to curriculum transparency.

Children are stuck in failing schools and many hard-working families have limited resources to ensure their children are properly educated. Mark firmly believes that education funding should always follow the student, rather than fund systems. He will be a strong supporter of any proposal that focuses federal fund support for students regardless of where they and their parents choose to go.

Children and schools should be safe and secure. We need to ensure that our schools are properly hardened, have armed resource officers present, and are prepared for any type of contingency.


Our roads are full of potholes; our electricity system cannot handle the current demand; and our water systems are outdated. The common thread in all these is that our politicians are more concerned with repaying their donors, listening to special interests, and appeasing lobbyists than they are solving the basic problems we face.


Government funds that should go to building roads go to consultants instead of concrete and asphalt producers. Mark will support any infrastructure plans that ensure that there are minimal, if any, delays, streamline the permitting process, and incentivize timely and quality completion of projects. We need to set clear deadlines for environmental review and limit needless litigation.

We need energy from all sources. The government’s push to end reliance on one source is short-sighted and will prevent people’s ability to do things like charge electric vehicles. An all-of-the-above approach means encouraging the construction of modern nuclear power plants, updating our aging power grid, and investing in energy storage solutions.

The nation relies on California’s farms for its food. If the water supply is interrupted, the State’s ability to feed the country will be harmed. California’s water systems are antiquated, unable to satisfy the current demand. Mark believes in a multifactor approach including modernizing water storage options, desalinization, and working with all possible parties to craft innovative solutions.


Violent crime is on the rise. Woke progressive policies to defund the police, release criminals onto our streets, and refuse to enforce even the most basic of laws have left communities vulnerable.


Pro-criminal district attorneys have caused havoc in our communities by picking and choosing which laws they will enforce. District Attorneys should not have the level of discretion they claim – the legislature makes laws, DAs are responsible for enforcing them. Federal funds should be tied to enforcement of the law. If a DA refuses to protect his or her community, the State shouldn’t receive certain federal funds.

Biden’s refusal to enforce existing immigration laws has caused the crisis on our southern border. The crisis hits our communities every day by increasing the supply of deadly drugs and enabling human traffickers to take advantage of the most vulnerable – our children. Congress needs to rein in the power of the President, ensuring that he will enforce the law and to provide the necessary resources strengthening law enforcement’s ability to protect the border.


Over the past couple years, we have learned that unelected bureaucrats have too much power over our daily lives. Congress has given the President too much discretion when enforcing the law.


Unelected bureaucrats stifle the economy by enacting burdensome regulations. Many of these regulations are significant enough that Congress should vote on them. Mark supports a four-fold solution: First, Congress should vote on all significant regulations before they become effective. Second, Congress should review all current, significant regulations to ensure that they are necessary and consistent with the law. Third, Congress should make it clear that the courts should not defer to agency discretion. Fourth, unelected bureaucrats should never serve more than 12 years in the federal government without going into the private sector.

The COVID pandemic taught us that one-size-fits-all mandates don’t work. A review of the data from across the country establishes that many of the mandates were unconstitutional, unscientific, and lacked common sense. Federal bureaucrats should never interfere with a state’s ability to respond to a crisis. Congress should rein in the CDC and NIH’s ability to influence state and local decision-making.

Unelected bureaucrats like to rule in both obvious and subtle ways. Among the subtle ways, they quietly issue guidance documents and other interpretations of their rules. Congress should end discretion to the guidance documents and make it clear that these bureaucrats have to follow the laws requiring transparency when trying to change standards.


America is too dependent on our adversaries for our needs. When crises arise, we cannot worry about where our energy, technologies, or even food are coming from. We need to ensure that our supply chain is diverse and resilient.


The baby formula shortage was caused by government bureaucrats preventing a plant from reopening and preventing the importation of alternatives. We cannot allow unelected bureaucrats to hold children and businesses hostage to satisfy a political agenda. One step in securing our supply chain is to reduce the power of federal bureaucrats to micromanage our economy.

The shortages at stores of things we use on a daily basis, or wanted to give as gifts during the holidays illustrated how reliant we are on goods manufactured overseas. We need policies that allow for, and encourage manufacturing in the United States so that we are not reliant on foreign governments or industries for the products we use on a daily basis.


Our planet and its resources are precious gifts. We need to act as good stewards, both utilizing and preserving them for future generations. We need to acknowledge the role of the private sector, leading to critical innovations that will preserve our environment, and ensure that the government supports these efforts rather than mandating them.


Over the past few years, California has experienced significant wildfires, which destroy people’s homes and livelihoods along with harming our environment. One of the largest contributors to the size of the fires is poor forest management by the federal government. Mark will strongly support programs, especially public-private partnerships, that will wisely use our forest resources and ensure that federal lands are preserved for future generations while mitigating the risk of severe fires.

California is home to many of the resources that we will need for tomorrow’s technologies. We have the opportunity to tap into these resources, and benefit our communities by providing quality jobs while preserving our ecology. Mark supports efforts to strengthen California’s position as a global leader in producing what future, environmentally responsible technologies will need.