One of the most important pieces of advertising that any candidate for public office can purchase is to get their name in the Voter Information Guide. 

This Voter Information Guide is mailed to every voter in the state and it is the opportunity for each candidate to list their qualifications, why they are running, and what they will do when elected. I thought I would give you a sneak peek at what we have put in our candidate statement that will be mailed to you in early May. 

“In politics, talk is cheap, but actions speak louder than words. As an attorney, I have been on the front lines fighting to maintain our constitutional rights for the past two years. When the Governor shut down places of worship, I fought for our First Amendment religious rights. When he shut down schools, I fought for our children’s educations. When the President tried to force businesses to vaccinate employees, I fought for our medical freedom. 

As your Senator, I will take my fight for your constitutional rights from the courthouse to the Capitol. Unelected bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. should not have more say over your life than you do. 

I will fight to give you more local control over your child’s education. Crime is on the rise and people are not safe in our cities. When politicians refuse to enforce laws, it emboldens criminals. I will fight to ensure that our streets are safe. We need to balance our budget and end runaway inflation. We must stop politicians from telling us who is essential and who is not. I will fight for your right to make a living. Those who enabled the Covid-19 pandemic and resulting crippling lockdowns must be held accountable. 

My only special interest group is you. I will always fight to protect our children, our neighborhoods, and our way of life.” 

What makes this Voter Information Guide so important is that millions of Californians will read this candidate statement when deciding who to vote for. This campaign statement is only 224 words and the state of California is charging my campaign $25 per word (I wish all the campaigns advertisements were this inexpensive). 

Can I ask you to make a contribution to the campaign today and help me pay for this ballot statement? A $25 contribution will pay for one word on the Voter Information Guide, a $100 contribution will pay for four words, and a $250 contribution will pay for ten words. 

Here is a secure link to donate:

Campaign Update: 

Campaign season is upon us and the elections will be here before you know it. Yesterday I had campaign stops in Placer, El Dorado, Amador and Calaveras counties bringing the total number of counties that I have held campaign stops in to 34. Right now, we are on pace to have campaign stops in at least 50 counties before the June top-two elections. If you have an event that you are organizing that you would like me to speak at, please be sure to let us know. Schedule me today: