Fellow American,


I just got off the phone with a major Democratic bundler. This man raises money for all the major democrats. He told me that when I got in this race for U.S. Senate, he pegged my chances of winning this campaign at 2%. Today, he said that he thinks my chances of winning are now 33%.

This California Democrat supports my campaign for U.S. Senate because I was willing to stand up and fight back against Gavin Newsom and Biden and their unconstitutional mandates. He is a huge fan of mine because I sued Newsom for shutting down our churches, schools, businesses, beaches, and even the State Capitol.

While 33% is not good enough to win, this is major movement in the last seven months. Think about what we will be able to do in the next seven months?

Remember the Top Two election will be on June 7th. Because Kamala Harris vacated this Senate seat when she became Vice-President, you will be able to vote for me twice: once to fill the remainder of Harris’ six-year term and once for the full six-year term that begins in January.

The state of California will be mailing out ballots to every voter in ABOUT 50 DAYS!

With voting starting very soon, I am putting together the final pieces of my Get Out The Vote plan. Your contribution today is what funds our operations over this critical period of the primary election.


Mark Meuser
Republican for U.S. Senate, California